10 Tips to Find the Perfect Wedding Venue

newly wed couple outside wedding venue
Photo Credit: Amanda Summers Photography

When you’re engaged, there’s so much to do, starting with deciding where to have the ceremony. Knowing how to find the perfect wedding venue is important because this sets the mood and ambiance for your special day. To help you navigate this exciting and potentially overwhelming task, we’ve compiled a few valuable wedding venue tips to use as a guide when searching for your ideal wedding spot.

1. Start Early

Don’t wait! Begin searching for a venue as soon as possible. Popular ones book up fast, so if you hesitate, you might miss out on your top choice. Planning early will give you a better shot at securing the place you want on the date you want it. 

2. Define Your Vision

Before you start visiting venues, start with a clear vision in mind. You and your fiancé need to decide on a style, theme, and atmosphere. Whether you’re looking for a rustic barn, a glamorous ballroom, a charming garden, or a historic chapel, knowing your overall vision helps narrow down your choices and makes the selection process easier.

3. Set a Budget

Establish a wedding budget! Be realistic about your overall finances and put aside a reasonable portion of your wedding budget to go toward the cost of the venue. This will help you find a place that you can afford.

4. Visit Multiple Venus

Go out and explore various wedding locations so you’ll be able to compare the different options available for hosting your special day. Each venue will have its own set of features and ambiance that will set the stage for your overall wedding decor style and theme. Having a better grasp of what you want will help you make a well-informed decision.

5. Consider Location

When you’re getting ready to walk down the aisle, it’s vital to know where that aisle will be. Perhaps you’ve always dreamt of getting married in a Scottish castle or exchanging vows in a beautiful vineyard. You might have your heart set on a small intimate ceremony under a canopy in a garden, but location is always critical. Listen to your heart, but be practical too. Your wedding location needs to be convenient for your guests. Take into account how far they’ll have to travel, what hotel spaces are nearby, and what forms of transportation will be available to get them to and from your celebration safely. 

6. Capacity and Layout

Consider the amount of space you need along with the capacity and layout of each of the potential wedding venues. You’ll want to select one that can accommodate all of your guests comfortably and provide an easy flow from one activity to the next throughout all of your day’s events. 

7. Flexibility and Customization

Every couple wants their wedding to be special and personalized just for them. When you go to potential wedding venues, ask about their flexibility when it comes to decorations, catering, and any extra details you want. Some might have restrictions, and others may not. Ask lots of questions to be sure you find a venue offering all of the services you want without overburdening you with restrictions that dampen your special day.

8. Services and Amenities

Find out the services and amenities the venue offers. Does it come with in-house catering or will you need to find a catering company? Do they provide all the items you’ll need for the day such as tables, chairs, linens etc? You also want to see if the location has any on-site or nearby accommodations for out-of-town guests. Understanding a venue’s offerings will help you determine how well it meets your requirements.

9. Read Reviews and Seek Recommendations

Take a look at online reviews and testimonials from couples who have gotten married at the venues you’re considering. Also, ask your friends and family for their recommendations. Finally, you may also want to use the services of a professional wedding planner who can assist you in finding an idyllic wedding spot.

10. Review Contracts and Policies

Once you find a venue you love, it’s time to review the contract and policies. Make note of the expense structure, payment schedule, cancellation policies, and terms and conditions listed and insurances. It’s vital for you to understand all aspects of the contract before making your final decision and signing on the dotted line.

The Perfect Wedding Venue

Choosing where to get married is a thrilling part of planning your wedding. By starting early, defining your vision, setting a budget, and following the other tips provided, you’ll be able to confidently select the wedding venue you’ve been dreaming of. Union Mills Public House is one of the most unique and historic wedding venues in Frederick, Maryland. We would love to have you join us and celebrate your love here. For more information please visit our website.