Call it your favorite meeting spot or pub, there’s nothing we like better than creating unique and interesting places for people to hang out, have a drink or two, and grab some good food while enjoying good conversation.

Sometimes we choose the space. Other times the event space chooses us. And in this case, Union Mills Public House chose us.

From the moment we walked through the doors of the former Union Manufacturing Knitting factory at 340 East Patrick Street, we could see how this historic building, with its industrial vibe and view of Carroll Creek, was the perfect place to launch Downtown Frederick’s newest spot to gather and just enjoy life.

Come with us on our journey while we create the best venue in Frederick to come together and celebrate on the other side of COVID-19!

Our Story

Events & Weddings

A unique event space that can accommodate up to 215+ seated guests. Now taking reservations for early 2022 events and beyond.

Restaurant & Dining

An eclectic full service restaurant and a variety of gastropub-style food made with fresh, local ingredients and served with farm-to-table flair.

Cutch Cidery

Union Mills is partnering with Cutch Cider to create the perfect beverage compliment to your event or dining experience.

Our Vision

Have you ever been in an old building where you can feel the energy of what happened there in days gone by? When we walk into the old Union Mills Manufacturing Company building, we do…and it’s inspiring.

Starting in the late 1800’s, the building housed a factory that made hosiery and men’s shirts. The factory managed to thrive through big challenges, including several world wars and the Spanish flu pandemic, by constantly adapting its products to meet the needs of the world– not as they wanted them to be, but as they were. They were confident enough to be flexible, but focused enough to keep their vision front and center.

Last year, the second pandemic in modern history slowed us down a bit with our plans for the space, But just like the occupants of the Union Mills Manufacturing Company who came before us, we didn’t give up. We found a way to roll with the punches and created a new plan.

You can’t stop the vision when the vision is powerful. We invite you to come with us on our journey while we create the best place in Frederick to celebrate the everyday and the special events with family and friends.


gelato being scooped out of tub
brick pizza oven
raised champagne glass
appetizer at a restaurant